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Fix: Xbox app keeps closing on Windows 10

May. 8, 2020

Xbox App Keeps Closing, How To Fix It?

Many users reported that Xbox app keeps closing on their PC, and this can be a big problem. Speaking of Xbox app and its issues,

here are some common problems that users encountered:


·Xbox app crashes when streaming, joining party, uploading video – These are some common problems with Xbox app,

and if you encounter it, try resetting the Xbox app to default.

·Xbox app freezes Windows 10 – If your Xbox app freezes, it’s possible that the issue is related to Catalyst Control Center.

To fix it, you might have to disable certain features.


·Xbox app keeps closes randomly – This can happen if the Xbox app isn't installed properly. However,

you can fix the issue simply by reinstalling it.

·Xbox app not launching Windows 10 – This can be an annoying problem, and we covered it in-depth in our Xbox app won't open article,

so be sure to check it out.

·Xbox app keeps shutting down – Sometimes your Xbox app can shut down due to your power settings, but after you prevent your display

from shutting down, the issue should be resolved.

·Xbox app not working, won't open – This is another common problem, and we covered it in-depth in our Xbox app won't work/download

article, so feel free to check it out.


Solution 1 – Delete your Xbox Live messages

According to users, sometimes the Xbox app can crash due to certain messages in your inbox. We're not sure why this happens, but the only

solution. so far is to delete Xbox Live messages. If you can't delete them using the Xbox app, you can always use the Xbox One SmartGlass app.

After deleting Xbox Live messages, make sure to log out of the Xbox app on Windows 10. After signing back in, problems with the Xbox app

should be fixed.


A few users reported that the issue might persist even after deleting the Xbox Live messages and in order to fix the problem, you'll have to start

the Xbox app, wait for a while and try sending a message to one of your friends via their profile. After you’ve done that, the issue should be

completely resolved.


Solution 2 – Disable the dual mode in Catalyst Control Centre

If the Xbox app keeps closing on your Windows 10 PC, the problem might be related to Crossfire. If you’re using an AMD graphic card, you can

fix this problem by disabling the dual mode in Catalyst Control Center. To do that follow these steps:


1.Open Catalyst Control Center and go to Performance.

2.Now choose AMD CrossFireX tab and disable Enable AMD CrossFireX for applications that have no associated application profile option.
Save changes.

3.After disabling this option, the problem should be completely resolved and the Xbox app should start working once again. Many users reported

that this solution worked for them, so be sure to try it out.


You can also try turning off Morphological Filtering in Catalyst Control Centre. To do that, follow these steps:


1.Open Catalyst Control Center.

2.Navigate to Gaming settings and choose 3D Application Settings.

3.Turn off Morphological Filtering.

4.Press Apply and check if the issue is resolved.


Solution 3 – Turn off EVGA PrecisionX

EVGA PrecisionX is an overclocking tool for your graphic card and although it can give you increased performance, it can also cause issues with certain

applications such as the Xbox app. If the Xbox app keeps closing on your computer, you might want to try disabling EVGA PrecisionX in order to fix this



Solution 4 – Switch to Favorites list when Xbox app starts

According to users, it seems the Xbox app closes every time it's opened due to some strange bug related to the friends list. Users report that the friend

list doesn't load for them, and after a few seconds the Xbox app closes itself. This happens every time and in order to fix it, you just need to quickly switch

to the favorites list. To do that, just follow these steps:

1.Start the Xbox app. You can do that by pressing Windows Key + S and typing Xbox. Choose Xbox from the list of results.





2.As soon as the Xbox app starts up, switch from Friends to Favorites list.





3.The Xbox app should work properly now, as long as you don't switch back to the Friends list.
If this solution works for you, bear in mind that you'll have to repeat it every time you start Xbox app on your Windows 10 device.





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